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Although concrete pavers will not degrade from regular use, it is a good idea to monitor them and make sure that they are performing as intended. There are many components that go into your pavement not just the paver itself. Excessive joint sand loss can reduce the interlock between the pavers and create unsightly movement in joint lines and allow for rutting. Edge restraints can fail and allow horizontal creep where the pavement will actually open up. Excessive settling can allow for unsafe conditions and trip hazards. Most of the time these are prevented by proper installation but sometimes other factors have played a role in the issue. The easiest way to reduce these issues is by hiring a qualified installation contractor and ensure that he/ she installs per industry guidelines.

In addition to this a good cleaning and protective sealer will help keep the pavers from staining and make them easier to remove spills from oil, food, etc. We can provide a one time cleaning and sealing or better yet we can personalize a maintenance program specific to your needs. These programs are a great way for us to monitor the pavement on a regular basis and perform regular, minor maintenance before they become bigger issues.